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Greetings for 2006 05-12-30

Greetings and Best Wishes for 2006

Mirza A. Beg

December 30, 2005

Dear Friends:

On the eve of the year 2005, I feel blessed in having you as friends and intellectual companions. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to have corresponded with you, learnt from you and indulged in one of the most intellectually civilized activity of discussing thorny and complex problems of our day with you.

We often agreed but sometimes disagreed with respect and care. Occasionally I did hear from people not on my mailing list, a few crude remarks. Some times even they came around to a civil dialogue. We seem to be blessed with more forbearance compared to the shrill and rude arguments of the last few years among our leaders, particularly the politico-religious types, who shroud themselves with religion or patriotism, insulting both in the process. In the name of the truth of their religions often they do not hesitate to tell a lie. The saddest part is that many fall for it.

The start of the third millenium was reasonably peaceful and the world appeared to be poised toward a better and more civil future. The selfish short sightedness of our leaders devoid of intellectual depth has derailed that hoped for future. I hope it is not as dire as expressed in the following lines.

History's sad tormented unblinking eyes,
have witnessed many a twist and turn.
Deeds of fleeting impetuous moments,
extracted grim price, from hapless centuries.

My ardent wish is that we would be instrumental in reversing the gruesome trend of the last few years, in 2006 and bring in an era of hoped for peace, civility and decency for our children and us.

May the New Year be happy and deeply satisfying to you and your loved ones and the humanity. Warm regards,

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