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Greetings for 2003 02-12-15

Mirza A. Beg

December 15th, 2002

Greetings dear Friends:

This time of the year is for festivity tempered with reflections. We give and get gifts, some mundane, some meaningful. We feel the warmth or deprivation of the loved ones more acutely. In the past two Christmases, parts of the world that many of us did not know even existed, entered our lives to tug us in unfamiliar dimensions.

Those prone to reflection find confusing street signs in search of meaningful directions, others cling to the cliched moorings and fear exposure.

It is not as new and different a world as it appears. It had been on our television screens for a long time. Now it has spilled out in our lives. They think they know us, we think we know them, often as caricatures than fellow humans. It is not the time to draw a line between them and us; it is an opportunity to face the outside world with strength yes, but even more with understanding. Strength without understanding is usually misdirected.

We, in this country have been blessed with more wealth and opportunities than most in the world. In this season of giving and receiving, we need to keep in mind, "to those whom much is given, more is expected". Understanding is much harder to give and receive, than material things.

May you have a happy Christmas, and a peaceful and fulfilling New Year! With a prayer for "Peace on Earth and goodwill to mankind"!

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