Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cindy Sheehan 07-05-31

Withdrawing from the peace movement
May31, 2007

Dear Ms. Sheehan:

I am saddened by the circumstances that led you to your heart felt and disappointing decision to withdraw from the peace movement. My first reaction was to implore you to reconsider, but that would have been intellectually and emotionally very selfish of me.

I have admired the purity of your reasons and the tenacity of your purpose. Inevitably it requires tremendous sacrifices. The loss of a son is a horrible tragedy in itself, but to lose him for a cause that is evil is much harder. The hardship of your younger children and other personal sacrifices of family relationships are immeasurable.

I empathize with your sense of revulsion at being exploited as a cog in a political machine that is called the Democratic Party. Some how one feels unclean after the purity of intensions are muddied and co-opted by the snare of the other side that did not have the courage to oppose the evil.

I wish you and your family happiness, and hope you would come closer to finding solace and sustenance in each other. I hope, in time you will heal emotionally. In a few years after meeting the responsibility towards your children, you will find the rejuvenated inner strength to rejoin in the struggle to free our country from the Imperialistic foreign policy that has been supported by the power structure in both the parties. Thanks and warm regards,

Mirza A. Beg

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