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9/11 Need to reason 01-10-18

9/11 Need to Reason

Oct 18, 2001

The tragic destruction of life on the September 11th has no parallel, is deplorable and can not be justified by any sane person. In the wake of this tragedy the most prominent question being asked is why do “they“ hate us? Our ubiquitous talking heads on television and most politicians are trying very hard not to answer that question and lead us into a thicket of non-answers. Such as “They hate us because of our freedom, democracy and way of life”.

In the Middle East they have specific grievances: The U.S. unquestioned and uncritical support of Israel and its oppression of a dispossessed people. This is exacerbated by our backing of authoritarian regimes in the region, under the banner of American democracy.

Dishonest answers to a legitimate and a very important question are bound to create ignorance here, more discontent around the world and germinate more bitterness in the Middle East. We should punish the perpetrators of the crime of September the 11th, because it is the right thing to do, but please do not dupe us with more lies and disinformation.

Mirza A. Beg

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