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To the Indian Gov.02-04-14

Petition to the Government of India

Mirza A. Beg
Muslim Observer
April 14th,2002

We would like the government of India and the civilized world to take note of our disappointment and despondence at the barbarous, genocidal acts perpetrated on the Muslims with the connivance of the state government in the province of Gujrat.

We, irrespective of our religion, cast, language or creed have pride in our Indian heritage, culture and traditions. These traditions took centuries to nurture. A culture that takes pride in the justice and truth, from Lord Rama, Yudhishtir, Buddha, Ashoka and Akbar, a culture that produced Sufis and Sanyasis.

In modern times India under the leadership of our founding fathers, Gandhi, Nehru, Azad, Patel and Ambedkar blazed a trail for secular democracy among the countries that gained freedom after the Second World War.

Gradually, over the past twenty years, barbarous forces of religious bigotry and chauvinism are whittling down the constitutionally guaranteed rights of life and liberty.

In 1984, Sikhs were butchered in the wake of Mrs. Gandhi’s assassination. Christian churches have been burnt and priests murdered in Gujrat and Orissa; Untouchables are regularly massacred in Bihar. But special vengeance and barbarity are reserved for the Muslims.

Last month, the savage attacks on Muslims in Gujrat were not an act of momentary passion of some misguided thugs as a reaction to the Godhra incident. The attacks were organized and carried out by the cohorts and soul mates of the present ruling party under the leadership of the Chief Minister Mr. Modi. The fascist government headed by Mr. Modi does not know that the role of the government is to bring miscreants to justice, not to spearhead genocide and terrorism.

Muslims, Christians and Sikhs feel a sense of pride and brotherhood with their brave and conscientious Hindu brothers who have investigated and brought this to the world’s attention. Times of India, Hindustan Times, India Today and Outlook are some of the many publications that have given clear truthful and scathing coverage to these atrocities and have squarely laid the blame where it belongs. The culprits are Mr. Modi the BJP Chief Minister, and groups such as RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal.

Three out of four revered Shankracharyas have also condemned the aforementioned people and organizations. They know that fascistic organizations are hijacking the Hindu creed for their narrow, bigoted political purposes.

All decent Hindus along with their brethren from all other religions have demanded, and so do we, that the following steps should be taken with urgency.

1. Mr. Modi should be removed from the office of the Chief Minister and should be prosecuted under the law for organizing and aiding the genocide.

2. The organizations such as RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal be banned and prosecuted. Their complicity is well documented in thousands of photographs taken by hundreds of journalists. There is a precedent for banning such organizations.

We are proud of our Indian heritage, but are ashamed of the Indian government and condemn the government of Gujrat. Prime Minister Mr. Vajpayee, while visiting the refugees in Gujrat, said that he was ashamed. We hope he means it. His sentiments should be followed by action otherwise they remain meaningless hollow words.

Mirza A. Beg –

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