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An ode to spring 08-04-10

An ode to spring

Mirza A. Beg

April 10, 2008

Spring is a time for renewal, particularly in the northern latitudes. After a long cold dormant winter, the Earth slowly reawakens. Sprigs of grass shoot up to provide fodder to the enfeebled starved animals. Amorous flowers bloom to fertilize and give birth to fruits, to form new seeds for the next generation. Most species of animals give birth to their young to feast on the bounties of spring. In effect mother Earth, Gaia, awakens from hibernation to cuddle and nurture her children.

In the tropics and further south the summers are very hot and dry. Rainy season followed by mild winter are the time for planting cereal and vegetable crops that are harvested, during a short fall season, followed by a short spring and a long hot dry summer. Spring is a happy season when mother Earth, “Dharti” (in Hindi), provides replenishment of empty granaries to survive the hot dry season.

That is why in most ancient cultures New Year starts in spring. Odes in celebration of spring have been written in almost every language. The following poem is my rendition of a very popular Bengali Song, an ode to spring, an ode to New Year, an ode to life.

May the Joy of Spring Infect You

Mirza A. Beg

All Bangala homes are filled with rhythms of spring
Every Bangala soul sways intoxicated with melody

Sorrows of the old year surrender to a bright new dawn
Gift baskets, offerings brimming with melody of songs

Horizon is afire with blossoms of Shimul and Polash
It is Boishakh, Spring of the New Year beckons

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